The next 6 weeks will have me covering 3 provinces as I bounce back and from Alberta to Saskatchewan to BC and back to Saskatchewan.  I will be presenting in a number of schools during my travels talking about self esteem and how to build it up.

The message is simple, We become what we think about everyday.  The challenge comes when your thoughts tend to be negative and self defeating.  Are your thoughts building you up or tearing you down?

My presentations help to create an awareness of negative self talk and what to do about it.  The tips and tools I present can be used everyday to create a new self image and improved self esteem.

Imagine what you would do if you were not afraid to fail!

Presentations are 60 to 90 minutes in length.  They are ideal for high school students and can be presented in the classroom or gym setting, for 25 to over 500 students.

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