Over the weekend I had the chance to be in the Diamonds Bridal Expo in Lethbridge, AB.  I had the chance to talk with a few hundred brides and their families about having a hypnotist at their wedding.  I put it this way, “Go beyond music and have great entertainment!”  Many had never even thought about having a hypnotist at their wedding and were unsure of how that would work.  Here’s what it looks like:
As with most weddings, there is usually some time to kill between the dinner and the start of the dance.  This is an ideal time to have me come in and perform my all ages, family friendly hypnosis show.  A short, hour long show is a great way to get the laughs going before the dance begins.  It also gives you an excuse to keep the bar closed for a little while longer.
This part of the evening can be prepared in advance with the wedding party to even be volunteers in the show.  Nothing like having personalized entertainment for the bride and groom.  It just makes the evening that much more sensational and memorable.
This is also a great thing to do for corporate events when there is already a DJ or band hired.  I can come in and perform a comedy hypnosis show as a an add on to your entertainment.  This helps to keep the energy in the up for the dance to follow.  If you are looking for a full evening of entertainment, I can provide music as well.
Performance pricing varies greatly depending on what you are looking for with comedy improv hypnosis shows starting at $500.00 and full evening performances up to $4000.00 (hypnosis show, DJ, video dance, karaoke – whatever you need).
Send me an email with any questions and the see if your date is available.  james@jrmatthew.com

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