Hypnotist JR Matthew for your next event

Coming Up And On Going

Be sure to tune into Country 95 5 weekdays from 6 – 9 am in Lethbridge, Alberta.  #JRandGillianinthemorning, @hypnotistjrmatthew

June 2019 

Dry Grads in Southern Alberta and BC

July 2019

Hosting events and shows around Southern Alberta like The Concert For A Cause (complete with hypnosis demonstrations), mud bogs and community events .

September 2019

Self Esteem school presentations.  These 45 to 90 minute presentations are geared to middle and high school students.  Discover simple and effective tools for enhancing positive focus.  We Become What We Think Of Everyday.

October 2019

School presentations

Fall community events in Southern Alberta

November 2019

School presentations and shows

Christmas party season

December 2019

Christmas party season

Christmas party season is filling up.  Looking for a hypnotist?  I can help!


High School Grad 2018 Highlights From 2018 

Part of the dream vacation skit and using friends as view finders

How much fun is it to take a pic of people taking hypno-selfies