Let’s Make A Difference


Self Esteem school presentations.

These 45 to 90 minute presentations are geared to middle and high school students.  Discover simple and effective tools for enhancing positive focus.  We Become What We Think Of Everyday.  When we learn to believe in ourselves we can set even better goals.  Inspiring confidence in leadership will help students and teachers come together to make a positive difference in their school and in their community.

Available to high schools in Western Canada.  James@jrmatthew.com for booking information.
Late February South Saskatchewan
Mid March Central Alberta
April west and east central Saskatchewan
Late May Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern BC
Early June Southern Alberta
Mid June Central and Western BC
Are you part of a school or community committee who would like to make a difference?  Connect with JR and let’s get started.  Call or text 403-382-7644.
July 2020
Mud bogs and community events in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan

Entertaining and Inspirational Hypnosis Shows

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine and the best way to get a great message across in a very memorable way. Shows range in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

Contact JR for booking availability