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I love to see how an interview turns out after I talk for 20 minutes about what I am passionate about.  Reprinted with permission.  Thank you Tammy Rollie Western Wheel Okotoks

Hypnotist livening things up at bash

Entertainment: Act, cover band entertaining at Black Diamond Hotel Feb. 23

Partygoers heading to Rock-A-Billy Entertainment’s upcoming bash can expect to go on a wild journey in Black Diamond this weekend.

Lethbridge hypnotist J.R. Matthew aims to get the Black Diamond Hotel buzzing with activity using the power of suggestion before Calgary party band Liquid Rhythm gets the dance floor filled Feb. 23 starting at 7:30 p.m.

“I will take them on a really wild journey winning the lottery or a four-by-four truck and jet skiing in Jamaica and chasing aliens around or becoming the world’s most confident supermodel and putting their strut on around the room,” said Matthew last week. “They will remember everything they’ve done. Then they get to spend the rest of the evening talking about it.”

The certified clinical hypnotherapist and health coach said he’s not a typical hypnotist.

“I take the stage and I explain a little bit about hypnosis, about what I do and I address fears that people have with regards to getting hypnotized,” he said. “Hypnosis is suggestion and influence. My message to people is we’re getting these suggestions all the time. I start leading people in this pathway of how to focus and get into that hypnotic mind state.”

Matthew has developed several entertaining hypnosis actions over the years. He said he often gets the feel of the room before deciding what to do.

“Until I get into the room I really have no set-in-stone plan on what I’m going to do,” he said. “The energy of the room and the people I talk to before I go into the show really determines what fun we’re going to have.”

The show is both entertaining and inspirational, said Matthew, and leads people with the message that they can trust themselves to have an enjoyable experience.

“For me, what I found in my almost 20 years of being a hypnotist is the most successful candidates for hypnotists are those people who intuitively trust themselves,” he said. “I teach people how to focus and work their minds.”

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