Hypnotist JR Matthew performs hypnosis shows and inspirational presentations for a variety of groups including corporate Christmas parties and schools.  People feel more comfortable volunteering to get hypnotized after JR explains how natural the mind state of hypnosis is and how much fun they can have.

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Thank you so much for being part of our Christmas celebration! Our staff talked about this for days after! It was funny, full of surprises, and your positive messages were uplifting for us all. Thank you, thank you!!

Chris Varga Donaway, Winners, Lethbridge

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Thanks to JR Matthew for such a great show.  Nonstop laughs from our entire group thoughout the night.

Steve Schafer, Neu-Lite Electric

James, Thanks so much for entertaining our team last weekend! Your team and your show were nothing but first class. Our whole crew were full of laughs and smiles all night. Thanks you and Merry Christmas.

Looking forward to next year!

Andrew Potts, C & A Industries

I think it’s really important to empower my audiences and volunteers with knowledge about what hypnosis is and is not.

From there we can begin the show with a focus on having fun and looking forward to an amazing experience in which the volunteers will be completely aware of what is happening and operating off of their subconscious or “dream mind”.  The suggestions I give become your new reality…and maybe a reality that is so much fun to embrace.  

Can you imagine how fun it would be to win a brand new truck and go in a race?  How about chasing aliens and saving your friends from an invasion?  How about feeling like you have unstoppable confidence or some insight into yourself which moves you in the direction of setting amazing goals and holding them in your mind everyday so you can achieve them?

Sounds like this would be a great experience. Just my opinion… and it may become yours!

                                            Hypnotist JR Matthew

My formula for success with my shows and presentations is to keep my show clean (PG or Disney style), my skits interactive and fun and to throw in a life “hack” to make attending and participating in the show even better.

No matter the number of people attending or the location of the function, I can help.  Send me your information and let’s see what we can put together for you.  Let’s connect  james@jrmatthew.com