My goal for 2020 is to reach out to as many community groups and schools as possible.  This presentation is designed to help build the confidence and self esteem of today’s youth so they can build better connections with friends and community.  I know there are a lot of great people working directly with or behind the scenes with these groups to achieve this, however, my focus is very specific and specialized.

My idea is simple, show students and community leaders how setting and achieving goals will change with confidence and faith in ones self.  The real change will take place when people realize their own power of positive focus and learn how their thoughts shape their perception of the world they live in.

As thoughts become things, I can ask the question, “Are your thoughts building you up or tearing you down?”  Either way, there is always room for positive change.

Presentations are ideal for high school students and communities in distress (dealing with suicide and/or addiction) hoping to build a great sense of community.

#letsmakeadifference presentations can fit into a school period, afternoon workshop or weekend retreat.

Let’s make a difference by working together to make our schools and communities stronger.

Connect with me: james@jrmatthew.com  for more information, bookings, and sponsorship opportunities.

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