As we get into the New Year, it’s time to get working on those goals you’ve been talking about and have maybe even written down. 

The key to your success will be… YOU!  YOU and your plan. 

What is it?  As you read this do you know what it is?  Have you got a clear vision of it?  You can’t get there if you don’t know what it is and what it will mean to you once you achieve it.

Allow me to share mine and maybe it will help you gain clarity:

My personal goal is to continue on my fitness journey.  I’m already working out 5 to 6 days a week and eating lean.  I weigh 210 pounds and am working towards a trimmer waste line and stronger body.  My goal weight is 200 lbs, however, if my weight stays at 210 and my lean body mass goes up, I’m happy with that too.  I know I don’t have all the answers to the challenges that may arise so I will be sure to check my ego at the proverbial door and ask for help from those in the know. 

The reason I’m doing this is for my own good.  I like being able move, walk, run, swim for long periods of time and I love the energy I feel being in better shape. I also know that I am worth it and deserving of it (I hope you feel this way about yourself too).

Professionally, it’s important to look like I care about myself and I practice what I preach.  It also takes a lot of energy to do the kind of shows and presentations I do and I may do 3 or 4 a day..  Being in shape is a must!

I also have a goal to double the number of school presentations in 2020 over 2019.  You will have to check back in to see how I do.  I can’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be able to.  Ask yourself the same about your goals.

So… it will mean more of these…

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