With any hypnosis show, it is so important to have as many volunteers as possible. As a “clean” hypnotist, I take great pride in being able to offer a hypnotic experience to my volunteers they can enjoy being part of and watching videos of after the fact.  It’s an important selling point when the group, in general, is afraid to get hypnotized because they may get embarrassed by what they do on stage during the show.  Getting hypnotized in my show means your going to be a star and be rewarded with great suggestions like a great nights sleep, increased confidence and better focus for goals.  There’s also the fun of hypno jet skiing, racing horses, and being the world’s best model (to name just a few skits).

Watch the video, there are more people getting hypnotized than sitting in the audience.  Special thanks to all my volunteers and Murray Chevrolet Cadillac for having me as their entertainment.

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