Hi, I’m Hypnotist JR Matthew and I am the hypnotist near you in Lethbridge and area

It is a very common thing to be a performer and find success in markets other than where you live.  For me, it seems that BC and SK are the provinces where I do most of my speaking and shows.  It’s funny doing shows in Lethbridge and people come up to me to shake my hand and compliment me on my show.  They then ask where I am from and I say, “Here.”  Their response is funny as they say they didn’t know there were any hypnotists in Lethbridge.

Now, maybe I have spent too much time on the road or maybe in the office.  However, I did just finish off six months of hosting the morning show on a local radio station (Today’s Country 95 5) and had a ton of fun doing it.  Did it make a difference?  I haven’t noticed an increase in local business yet.  That said, I did get a lot recognition as part of #JRandGillianinthemorning.

The big issue is people not connecting that JR with the Hypnotist JR.

I find it funny how, even with all of the social media and promotion and such there is still that disconnect here.

I think there are some other things to keep in mind:

Sometimes in medium sized cities (Lethbridge for example), people think that to get great entertainment, they have to look for someone from outside of their community.  It’s that hometown syndrome (we know this guy, he’s local…who do you know from Calgary). It’s almost like being a celebrity outside of your area, selling out shows, packing in rooms and doing what you love to do.  However, when you do a public show in your home town you can hardly sell any tickets.  Go figure. 

Time to work on changing this.  I hope you can help.

Thoughts?  Leave a comment or connect with me james@jrmatthew.com

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