November 10 has JR heading out to Champion to the community hall for yet another fundraiser

November 14 School presentations in Southwest Saskatchewan

November 15 school presentation in Southwest Saskatchewan.

JR has a 1 hour presentation for grade 12 classes which focuses on how thoughts become things and how, what we think of most of the time is what we become.  Want to increase confidence and achieve better goals?  Learn about the mind body connection and how to create a more positive focus.  When we a more positive sense of self we can then set better goals.  This is the presentation for you.  Book one for your school today!

November 16 JR will be live, up close and personal at the Smoke Hut Cafe in Lethbridge.  Show time is 8pm.  Tickets only $10.  403-382-7644 for more details.

November 17 private function in Chestermere, Ab


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