JR has a goal to more than double the number of shows he is doing for the last part of the year.  As part of his passion for entertaining he is bringing back the fun team challenge of The Ultimate Game Show.  You and your friends (or the people at your table) form a team and compete for points against other teams.  The game show consists of a series of challenges like music trivia and scavenger hunts along with various other challenges which are just a ton of fun to watch and compete in.  It all caps off with the great hypnosis challenge where each team works to get the most people hypnotized.  It is unique, fun and very fast paced.  You are going to love it!  Email james@jrmatthew.com for details and with questions.

Check it out Friday August 17 at the Lamplighter Pub in Elkford, BC

Here’s a review on what to expect..

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