With the right focus you can change your personal and professional life for the better, after all,


The resources and techniques contained here will help you to do everything from releasing anxiety to building confidence and self esteem and being able to be more in the moment, focused and relaxed.  You can even use them to create a healthier you!  All you have to do is set your goal and move in the direction of achieving it everyday.

You will have access a number of audio tracks (scroll down if you need to download them again).  It may seem overwhelming but each track has a purpose and only takes a few moments to listen to.

First things first.  What is your goal?  What do you want to achieve?

Make sure your goal is a challenging one.  When you start your journey, it will be exciting and scary all at the same time.  Goals which are easily attained are boring and easy to lose focus on.

Imagine what goals you will set when you fully accept you are worthy of success and infinite potential.  Imagine how your life expectations will change when you truly love and accept yourself.

Use this formula to help yourself understand what makes for a well formed plan.

START – Self Esteem, Target, Action, Reaction, Tenacity.

For your goal to be effective, you must be able to see it and feel what your life would be like once you have achieved it.

Your goal should be good for your health and mind.  It should also be good for those you care about.

You must keep a positive attitude and reshape your daily behaviours to be consistent with the achieving of this goal.

To help with this, write an affirmation or two (or 5) on the mirror in your bathroom and bedroom: I am healthier, I am fitter, I am eating nutritionally appropriate, I am beautiful, I am doing this, I am enough, I am confident. I am a great sales person, I am a good person, I am organized, I have got this, I am loving my work!  Also, have it written done on a card you carry around with you.

Repeat one or all of them 5 times in the morning and 5 time at night.  This is known as autosuggestion and it will help you to focus your thoughts in the direction of achieving your goals.

Start each morning with the 6 Phase Guided Meditation track.  It is designed to build connection, increase your positive energy, release negative emotions towards those who have wronged you, see a three year plan, create your day for success and to give thanks.

During the course of the day you can listen to tracks like How To Become Enough, Positivity Instructions and Trust Yourself And Become…. in the background to reinforce a positive inner dialogue.  Listening to them as background allows their message to sink into the subconscious mind to help make this change happen.  It’s okay if you only listen to one track during the day but it is essential to listen to the 6 phase in the morning to start your day off right.

At the end of the day listen to the relaxation and positivity tracks.  They will help you to drift off to sleep.  Be sure to load these tracks on your smart phone or device so you can easily listen to then when you want.

Audio Tracks

6 Phase

Focus For Health includes START

How To Become Enough

positivity instructions


Trust yourself and become a reality archite

Abundance Paradigm Shift

Better Sleep And Self Acceptance

Confidence You Are Amazing

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