Hitting Road For Some Fun & Inspiration

The next 6 weeks will have me covering 3 provinces as I bounce back and from Alberta to Saskatchewan to BC and back to Saskatchewan.  I will be presenting in a number of schools during my travels talking about self esteem and how to build it up.

The message is simple, We become what we think about everyday.  The challenge comes when your thoughts tend to be negative and self defeating.  Are your thoughts building you up or tearing you down?

My presentations help to create an awareness of negative self talk and what to do about it.  The tips and tools I present can be used everyday to create a new self image and improved self esteem.

Imagine what you would do if you were not afraid to fail!

Presentations are 60 to 90 minutes in length.  They are ideal for high school students and can be presented in the classroom or gym setting, for 25 to over 500 students.

For more information and to book james@jrmatthew.com




What’s Going On – Pushing The Boundaries Of The Norm

Over the weekend I had the chance to be in the Diamonds Bridal Expo in Lethbridge, AB.  I had the chance to talk with a few hundred brides and their families about having a hypnotist at their wedding.  I put it this way, “Go beyond music and have great entertainment!”  Many had never even thought about having a hypnotist at their wedding and were unsure of how that would work.  Here’s what it looks like:
As with most weddings, there is usually some time to kill between the dinner and the start of the dance.  This is an ideal time to have me come in and perform my all ages, family friendly hypnosis show.  A short, hour long show is a great way to get the laughs going before the dance begins.  It also gives you an excuse to keep the bar closed for a little while longer.
This part of the evening can be prepared in advance with the wedding party to even be volunteers in the show.  Nothing like having personalized entertainment for the bride and groom.  It just makes the evening that much more sensational and memorable.
This is also a great thing to do for corporate events when there is already a DJ or band hired.  I can come in and perform a comedy hypnosis show as a an add on to your entertainment.  This helps to keep the energy in the up for the dance to follow.  If you are looking for a full evening of entertainment, I can provide music as well.
Performance pricing varies greatly depending on what you are looking for with comedy improv hypnosis shows starting at $500.00 and full evening performances up to $4000.00 (hypnosis show, DJ, video dance, karaoke – whatever you need).
Send me an email with any questions and the see if your date is available.  james@jrmatthew.com

Cowboy goes under easily while standing up

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Recovering From Christmas Indulgence

So we find ourselves in 2019 and most of us are on the path to recovery after a bit of over indulgence.
Did you put on a bit weight? Are you in need of better focus?  Do you need an idea of how to start?
Watch the video below for some tips and tricks… be sure to have a pen and paper handy.

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Reviews from Christmas Shows 2018

Christmas 2018 was one of my busiest for shows in many, many years.  I am so happy and grateful to the companies that hired me and the people who volunteered to be in my shows.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

Tollestrup Construction Inc. has hired JR Matthew for our summer staff bbq and for our annual Christmas party. His professionalism, charisma and ability to work with his audience speaks for itself. Our guests were thoroughly entertained from start to finish. JR Matthew provided a complete service package of hypnosis, dj, master of ceremonies and the bonus of photographer for one great price. A true entertainer!

Anita Huchala, Marketing Manager,Tollestrup Construction

Thank you so much for being part of our Christmas celebration! Our staff talked about this for days after! It was funny, full of surprises, and your positive messages were uplifting for us all. Thank you, thank you!!

Chris Varga Donaway, Winners, Lethbridge

Thanks to JR Matthew for such a great show.  Nonstop laughs from our entire group thoughout the night.

Steve Schafer, Neu-Lite Electric

James, Thanks so much for entertaining our team last weekend! Your team and your show were nothing but first class. Our whole crew were full of laughs and smiles all night. Thanks you and Merry Christmas.
Looking forward to next year!

Andrew Potts, C & A Industries



Addressing Misconceptions To Make A Corporate Event One To Remember

I think one of the best things a successful hypnotist can do is to develop an approach to his or her show in which people become engaged and want to experience something possibly new and very exciting.

Let’s face it, one of the biggest challenges a hypnotist faces is getting enough volunteers.  There is fear people have they will be “out of control” or be a mindless drone under the control of the hypnotist.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Misconceptions abound about what hypnosis is and is not abound. Hypnosis is suggestion and influence (broadly defined).  When you watch a movie and really get into it, that’s hypnosis.  Whenever we focus on something to the point where it changes how we feel – that’s hypnosis.  A loved says, “I love you” and a warm feeling of affection and belonging washes over your mind and body.  That’s hypnosis.

Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions:

When you are hypnotized you are under the control of the hypnotist.  

Not true.  Hypnosis is a state of a heightened focus and complete awareness.  If the hypnotist asked you to do something you did not want to do, you could just say “No!”  When you are watching a stage hypnosis show, you are watching volunteers doing simply what they are asked.

When you are hypnotized you are asleep.

Not true. Although the hypnotist may use the word “sleep” when putting volunteers under, they are very much aware and in control (because they are in hypnosis when given the suggestion to sleep – they go into what looks like sleep).  How else would they be able to follow the hypnotist’s suggestions if they were not aware?

You can get stuck in hypnosis.

Not true.  The state of hypnosis is a very natural one.  You go in and out of it several times a day.  In a show, focus must be maintained in order stay in the hypnotic state.  Once focus is lessened, the volunteer simply “wakes up”.  Think of the last show you saw and how some people seemed to wake up and end up being excused from the show?  Even if the hypnotist dropped dead from a heart attack, the volunteers in hypnosis would either fall asleep or wake up.

People who get hypnotized are weak minded.

Not true. People who can easily be hypnotized have many common traits: creative, intelligent and able to easily achieve intense focus. Someone using the term “weak minded” generally are trying to say they think someone is gullible and easily manipulated.  The ability to focus intensely is a quality of someone who knows how to use their mind or conscious faculties and is quite the opposite of “weak minded”.

There are many more of these… I tend to hear these ones the most.  Hope I’ve shed a bit a light on what I love to do.


Questions?  I love to answer them.  james@jrmatthew.com




Sometimes You Just Need A Bit More From Your Hypnotist

December 1, I had the pleasure of entertaining for Neu-Lite Electric’s company Christmas party.  When setting the event up we came up with a plan to make sure the evening was full of fun and interactive entertainment.  The Hypno Game Show provided the perfect combination of team challenges, competition and hypnosis.  It’s great entertainment when you want to keep around for a great time.  It all starts off with teams being formed to compete to compete in a series of challenges (scavenger hunt, dress up challenge, wild antics and hypno challenge) for points.  From there the fun continues for between an hour or two (depending on what the group wants).  Add in music for a dance or just to socialize to and you have a great evening of entertainment.  Its not too late to book yours.  james@jrmatthew.com

Have you set your New Years Resolution yet?  Be sure to check out my store for programs and audio to help make your resolution a reality.

Photo op a great guy. Steve throws an amazing party for staff and family

At the start of the hypno game show

Hypno game show where teams get points for everything from building a human pyramid to getting hypnotized

Cowboy goes under easily while standing up

My hypno volunteers show off some great dance moves


Christmas Party Season In Full Swing

It’s such a pleasure to be a party of a company’s Christmas Celebration.  Over the weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining for Family Ties in Lethbridge (see short video below), a law firm, and Neu-Lite Electric.  I had two 1 hour hypnosis presentations along with a full evening event for Neu-Lite Electric.  My hypno-game show was a huge success in getting everyone involved and making sure there were plenty of volunteers for the hypno-challenge leading into the hypnosis show.

I think Greg makes a great Santa for these staff members and guests (Emily and Amber from left to right).

Thanks to all of my volunteers who helped make these events so positively memorable.

Looking for some last minute entertainment?  Book a one hour show for your next social event.  Connect with me james@jrmatthew.com  to check availability.




The Importance Of Winning The Group Over

With any hypnosis show, it is so important to have as many volunteers as possible. As a “clean” hypnotist, I take great pride in being able to offer a hypnotic experience to my volunteers they can enjoy being part of and watching videos of after the fact.  It’s an important selling point when the group, in general, is afraid to get hypnotized because they may get embarrassed by what they do on stage during the show.  Getting hypnotized in my show means your going to be a star and be rewarded with great suggestions like a great nights sleep, increased confidence and better focus for goals.  There’s also the fun of hypno jet skiing, racing horses, and being the world’s best model (to name just a few skits).

Watch the video, there are more people getting hypnotized than sitting in the audience.  Special thanks to all my volunteers and Murray Chevrolet Cadillac for having me as their entertainment.


Review Of 1 Hour School Presentations

I get people asking me (all the time) if my shows and presentation are school age appropriate and yes they are.  Here are a couple of reviews on my school shows and classroom presentations.

1 hour classroom presentations focus on self esteem, how it develops and how it can be built up.  This presentation enlightens students on their current status and validates the information schools are currently presenting in classrooms.  The use of START provides a simple memory and visual tool to help with focus and self awareness.

Even a full school presentation contains positive messages

November 17th I had the pleasure of performing for a family run business Christmas party.  Devron was a great star in the show.


I love hearing back from people in my shows and what they think about the whole process of getting hypnotized and being in the show.  Thanks Devron!