Build Your School Up With This Presentation

JR Matthew has been a stage hypnotist for almost 20 years as well as being hypnotherapist and speaker.

His training and years of experience have lead to the creation this empowering presentation for both schools and businesses. 

This presentation is built on the concept that our thoughts become things.  Everything around us started off as a thought and then was brought into being through action.  

What we think about everyday shapes how we feel about ourselves.  If you feel bad about yourself then you will act accordingly. 

What if you were shown a way to change this?  Then you would have the power to change

For more information and to book contact james@jrmatthew.com


School Is Getting Underway & So Are Motivational Presentations

We become what we think of ever day.  The question becomes what are we thinking about?  Are our thoughts building us up or tearing us down?

School presentations focus on self image, how it develops and how it affects how we feel about ourselves.  Students can have fun with hypnosis demonstration and learning creative visualization techniques for personal empowerment.

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BEEP! What’s Coming UP

As you know, I love to help out.  I help my clients with therapy and health coaching, organizations and groups with entertainment; even radio stations like Country 95 5 in Lethbridge with announcing. It’s just for the next little while waiting for the return of their main morning show guy Brooksie.

Gillian and I have some interesting calls in the morning.  Just had to share this one on relationship advice for one of her friends.  For more fun join us from 6 – 9 am weekdays on Country 95.

Even though I’m helping out with the morning show, I am still out and about later in the day doing hypnosis shows and presentations.  I had a great time entertaining for the Raymond High Dry Grad 2019 Event.

Here’s a review of how it went – GREAT!!!

More fun this weekend with a show in Fort Macleod at the Legions Saturday May 25 – 8pm

Then in Lethbridge for the ASLC on Sunday May 26 and workshops at Chinook High School on Monday May 27th.

Book a show or presentation by connecting with me james@jrmatthew.com


Helping Out

As a therapist and speaker, I get called upon to not only speak at events, but also to develop special programs for clients and consult on various work place behavioural challenges.  I’ve even been presented with opportunities to help redesign systems so that the people who use them can do so more easily.  The common theme here is simply helping out.

With grad season upon me and the end of the school year coming to an end, I have been presented with another opportunity to help out.  This time it’s to do something I have not done professionally for many years – work in radio.  I am now helping out a Lethbridge radio station by co-hosting their morning show while they wait for the return of their main host.

It is always an honour to be asked to help out and even more of one for people to have the faith in my abilities to help get the job done.  The best part here?  I am doing what I love to do and having so much fun doing it.

The lesson here?

Do what you love to do! Have fun doing it and life will be great!

You can catch me along my co-host Gillian weekday mornings from 6 – 9 on Country 95.5 FM. Listen online here.



Fun With The Power Of Suggestion

It is such a great honour to be able to entertain and inspire.  I love being able to welcome people into a show which is both as much fun to be in as it is to watch.  For this reason I keep my show fun, inspiring and PG.  People can look forward to having a great laugh and the opportunity to be a part of an amazing hypnotic experience.

Even something as simple as a giggle button can prove to be very entertaining.

Be sure to catch me at Lucky Charlie’s in Swift Current, SK this Friday night (March 22), then watch for me by Fort Whoop Up as I keep the runners in the Moonlight Run in Lethbridge.

Next week in back Saskatchewan for more high school self esteem presentations.

To book a show or presentation or for healthy focus programs and therapy connect with me james@jrmatthew.com


A Great Write Up On My Up Coming Show

I love to see how an interview turns out after I talk for 20 minutes about what I am passionate about.  Reprinted with permission.  Thank you Tammy Rollie Western Wheel Okotoks

Hypnotist livening things up at bash

Entertainment: Act, cover band entertaining at Black Diamond Hotel Feb. 23

Partygoers heading to Rock-A-Billy Entertainment’s upcoming bash can expect to go on a wild journey in Black Diamond this weekend.

Lethbridge hypnotist J.R. Matthew aims to get the Black Diamond Hotel buzzing with activity using the power of suggestion before Calgary party band Liquid Rhythm gets the dance floor filled Feb. 23 starting at 7:30 p.m.

“I will take them on a really wild journey winning the lottery or a four-by-four truck and jet skiing in Jamaica and chasing aliens around or becoming the world’s most confident supermodel and putting their strut on around the room,” said Matthew last week. “They will remember everything they’ve done. Then they get to spend the rest of the evening talking about it.”

The certified clinical hypnotherapist and health coach said he’s not a typical hypnotist.

“I take the stage and I explain a little bit about hypnosis, about what I do and I address fears that people have with regards to getting hypnotized,” he said. “Hypnosis is suggestion and influence. My message to people is we’re getting these suggestions all the time. I start leading people in this pathway of how to focus and get into that hypnotic mind state.”

Matthew has developed several entertaining hypnosis actions over the years. He said he often gets the feel of the room before deciding what to do.

“Until I get into the room I really have no set-in-stone plan on what I’m going to do,” he said. “The energy of the room and the people I talk to before I go into the show really determines what fun we’re going to have.”

The show is both entertaining and inspirational, said Matthew, and leads people with the message that they can trust themselves to have an enjoyable experience.

“For me, what I found in my almost 20 years of being a hypnotist is the most successful candidates for hypnotists are those people who intuitively trust themselves,” he said. “I teach people how to focus and work their minds.”


Hitting Road For Some Fun & Inspiration

The next 6 weeks will have me covering 3 provinces as I bounce back and from Alberta to Saskatchewan to BC and back to Saskatchewan.  I will be presenting in a number of schools during my travels talking about self esteem and how to build it up.

The message is simple, We become what we think about everyday.  The challenge comes when your thoughts tend to be negative and self defeating.  Are your thoughts building you up or tearing you down?

My presentations help to create an awareness of negative self talk and what to do about it.  The tips and tools I present can be used everyday to create a new self image and improved self esteem.

Imagine what you would do if you were not afraid to fail!

Presentations are 60 to 90 minutes in length.  They are ideal for high school students and can be presented in the classroom or gym setting, for 25 to over 500 students.

For more information and to book james@jrmatthew.com




What’s Going On – Pushing The Boundaries Of The Norm

Over the weekend I had the chance to be in the Diamonds Bridal Expo in Lethbridge, AB.  I had the chance to talk with a few hundred brides and their families about having a hypnotist at their wedding.  I put it this way, “Go beyond music and have great entertainment!”  Many had never even thought about having a hypnotist at their wedding and were unsure of how that would work.  Here’s what it looks like:
As with most weddings, there is usually some time to kill between the dinner and the start of the dance.  This is an ideal time to have me come in and perform my all ages, family friendly hypnosis show.  A short, hour long show is a great way to get the laughs going before the dance begins.  It also gives you an excuse to keep the bar closed for a little while longer.
This part of the evening can be prepared in advance with the wedding party to even be volunteers in the show.  Nothing like having personalized entertainment for the bride and groom.  It just makes the evening that much more sensational and memorable.
This is also a great thing to do for corporate events when there is already a DJ or band hired.  I can come in and perform a comedy hypnosis show as a an add on to your entertainment.  This helps to keep the energy in the up for the dance to follow.  If you are looking for a full evening of entertainment, I can provide music as well.
Performance pricing varies greatly depending on what you are looking for with comedy improv hypnosis shows starting at $500.00 and full evening performances up to $4000.00 (hypnosis show, DJ, video dance, karaoke – whatever you need).
Send me an email with any questions and the see if your date is available.  james@jrmatthew.com

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