Thoughts Become Things: Stop Smoking, Lose Weight & Become Enough!


Thoughts Become Things


This workshop is ideal for helping people to make positive change happen in their lives. Here are a few of the details on this workshop. Runs about 2 hours in length and will help those attending to quit smoking, eat healthier (lose weight), reduce anxiety, gain confidence (build self esteem) and create success in life.  Imagine how much better your life would be if you could see yourself achieving your goals.  What ever the mind can conceive (and believe), the body can make real.  We have all heard this statement – so how can we make this our new reality?  By finding out what we truly desire, removing roadblocks and moving forward with a realistic action plan for success we can make our dreams a reality.

How is all of this possible in one workshop?

I will be providing training in focus, self hypnosis, and in setting intent to make these changes possible. Included in the session will be short follow ups (by phone or video chat) to ensure success in applying these techniques. Among the techniques learned will be:

  • How to deal with cravings (both sugar and nicotine)
  • Techniques for calming the mind and the body
  • Goal setting and implementation of a reasonable plan to achieve these goals
  • Muscle testing to confirm conscious and subconscious agreement (many people want to quit smoking and are not ready to)
  • How to use daily meditations to manage anxiety and low emotional states
  • Building up confidence and self esteem by changing internal talk (the voices in your head and how you talk about yourself)
  • instantly making yourself feel better; like you can do anything!
  • Also included will be audio tracks used to help increase focus to manifest change.

Cost of this workshop is $100.00 per person and is ideal for groups from 10 to 100 people.

Are you ready to make positive change happen?  Call me with questions and to make an appointment.  1-866-381-0557 or email

Stop Smoking:

quit-smoking- break smoke in halfYou want to quit to save money and be healthier.  Your just tired of the habit and having to remove yourself from situations to go outside and smoke.  On top of this your partner, kids and friends are always on you to quit but you just seem to find it too hard.   Now you’ve tried and tried and to quit but cravings are too much to handle, you get grumpy and irritable, and you just can’t seem to focus.  It just seems easier to keep smoking.  Every time you talk to someone about it they say how hard it to quit and then you run into those who quit for 3 months, 8 months or years and then start up again and seem to have an even harder time quitting smoking.
Now, what can you do to break this habit?  Once again, the solution is surprisingly simple.  Let’s get to that in a bit.


Fitness Motivation and A Healthy Lifestyle 

weight-lossAt some point in your life you may have started putting on weight.  It may have started slowly after a traumatic event or maybe a change in jobs or maybe even after getting married.  As part of this you may find yourself having sugar or carb cravings and you just don’t seem to have the energy to get out and do anything about it.  Now it’s affecting your confidence and self worth which is beginning to or having a negative effect on your whole life.  In your head you may even be saying, “I can’t lose this weight no matter what I do!  I’m so fat and ugly!” or, “I’ve tried everything and I keep gaining weight!”

Now, how do you break this cycle?  You seem to be “trying” everything and nothing seems to work.  What is the key.  Once again, the answer is surprisingly simple.



Empower Your Mind For Positive Change:

Many people suffer from anxiety and low self esteem.  They literally feel as if they are not worthy of good things or a life of abundance.  They feel as if they are not enough.  This workshop is designed to help build up confidence, self acceptance and manage any fears and anxious feelings.  James can teach you techniques which are simple and effective for helping with this.


  • physical actions that reduce and eliminate cravings
  • focusing techniques to help the client feel better
  • meditations to reduce anxiety, depression and increase confidence
  • visualization techniques that reduce the emotional potency of past events
  • physical techniques that reduce or eliminate fear
  • physical techniques that refocus the mind and promote a state of calm and relaxation
  • visual techniques that promote goal setting and identity formation

These techniques are provided as part of individual and group therapy and as part of Thoughts Become Things.  If you would like a presentation regarding these incredible tools for healing please contact James R Matthew by email or by calling 403-382-7644.