Hypnosis Show For Schools: Entertainment & Inspiration

Schools provide the ideal setting for my hypnosis shows.  The students are very receptive and I usually end up with more than a stage full of participants who are so responsive and energetic. It’s the makings of a great show!  Now let’s make it even better!

In my 15 + years of performing stage shows I have seen a growing need to help young people with the growing challenges of anxiety and low cofidence.  That is why my shows now contain a message for empowerment.  It goes beyond that too.  Empowering suggestions are great… and they are even better when coupled with techniques to help eliminate stress and build up confidence.  Everyone thinks they are just watching a show, but they are actually learning and realizing a very important point…We all have infinite potential!



Take the power of suggestion to a new level by realizing that it is yours.  You have a choice – listen to negative suggestions from around you and even yourself – or replace them with new and more positive suggestions.  Learn to use your mind and it will always serve you well!

If you would like to book this Hypnosis show for your next school or social event please contact JR by emailing james@jrmatthew.com or connect with him on Facebook .