5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Comedy Hypnotist

What kind of training would you want your comedy hypnotist to have?

JR Matthew is a university graduate with a degree in psychology.  He has a clinical certification in hypnotherapy along with training in regression and medical hypnotherapy, energy healing (Quantum Touch), along with the practical knowledge from being a stage hypnotist for over 17 years.

What type of hypnotist are you looking for?  Yes, there are types!!!

There are comedy hypnotists who are called Uncensored or X-rated and are ideal for a setting where their brand of explicit and or mildly raw stage show is appreciated and appropriate.  There are also comedic hypnotists like JR Matthew, who perform clean (or at worst PG rated) shows which are great for all age groups and most events where a cleaner performance is requested and or needed.

Do you need a Comedy Hypnotist who is very much a comedian and able to work in any environment?

Some events will allow for a more traditional start to a show where the hypnotist can perform an induction with the room being quiet and he or she can take 10 to 20 minutes to get people under so the show can start.  If you are having an event where there is other entertainment taking place and or you want your hypnotist to be able to put people under in a matter moments then you may want someone like JR Matthew who is an expert in speed trancing (also known as rapid or shock induction) .  As a Master Hypnotist, JR has the skill and expertise to quickly guide a volunteer into trance to begin performing demonstrations and the show.  This means a show can start within moments of JR taking the stage area.

Have you seen the videos and checked out the skit material of the comedy hypnotist you wish to book?  Does he or she have a show well suited to you show needs?

Many seasoned comedy hypnotists become known for their stage material and presence.  A hypnotist who performs the same show material at every show becomes a very polished performers.  However, if you have seen their show a few times and it has that familiar feeling then it may be time to seek out another stage comedic stage hypnotist for your next event.  As with many hypnotist, JR Matthew has his favourite show material (Alien Abduction, Hillbilly Dating Game, Jamaican Dream Vacation, The Amazing Race; Horse Race That Is, and many more) – and is always careful to mix it up for shows he performs for on an annual basis and for groups he has previously performed for.  Show themes can be tailored to the theme of the event (graduations, staff events, anniversaries, birthday parties and community events to name a few) upon request.  Time to let your imagination run wild!

Finally, what performance time are you looking for and what is you budget?

Many comedy hypnotists will have a preferred maximum performance length (from 90 minutes to almost 3 hours!) and a minimum (10 minutes to 1 hour).  Best to ask hypnotist what he has to offer and for how much.  You will find a great variation here from a few hundred dollars to several thousands (some hypnotists can include dj music and offer everything from bouncy castles to tattoos and photo booths).  Some will include travel and meals while others require accommodation and such.  Ask the right questions and get the answers you need.

JR Matthew currently offers performances and presentations ranging in length from 10 minutes to just over 2 hours. Costs for shows will vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand for full evening shows including DJ music.

One More Thought On Pricing

Let the buyer be ware!  As you are calling around and getting quotes from various hypnotists and booking agencies you may come across some deals which seem too good to be true.  They usually are!  Be sure to do your homework first. Check out their references and watch their videos on YouTube (most should have some to view online).  Also be aware that seasonal demands (Christmas party and high school grad season) will affect pricing for shows as well.  JR Matthew offers competitive pricing and is always happy to offer a quote on entertainment for any event you have coming up.  Fundraisers and charity presentations/shows are events JR loves to help out with.  Be sure to contact him with any questions and to get a quote.  Email james@jrmatthew.com for more information.

And now a bit more on Comedy Hypnotist JR Matthew’s presentations and shows

It is a great pleasure to be able to speak with different groups and share with them some laughs and inspiration.  Shows can be tailored to various time frames.

To book your event email james@jrmatthew.com or call 403-382-7644.  Toll free 1-866-381-0557.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA great hypnosis show should leave you with a face sore from laughing and some really great memories… like this one:  A small town in Southern Alberta became the scene for this incredible statement which stopped the show because I was laughing too much to continue.  Here’s the skit, a guy (no really he is a guy) is hypnotized to be a statue who just hates being touched.  There are four other people (women) hypnotized in the show and they just love touching the shoulders of the statue.  At one point, just moments into this skit,  the statue yells out, “If I could move my legs, I’d be busier than a one legged man at a “butt” kicking contest!”  I hope you have a great imagination… I still laugh at that one.

Every show is a new opportunity to create more one liners and more laughter and that is why I love doing what I do.  It is a great compliment when people say they wish they had gone in the show because of the laughter and fun they see.  Over time, the show has evolved so that laughter comes along with inspiration.  Now, imagine taking the power of suggestion to a new level of fun and inspiration in a hypnosis show experience that excites, inspires and lays the ground work for positive change… so if you feel “stuck” then it’s time to get “Out of the Box” and all the things that are holding you back.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the show, participants learn about the power of suggestion and how it has created anxieties, fears, and low self esteem.  They even get to have a bit (okay, a lot) of fun doing it.  Imagine that scary story you heard at camp and then you find yourself alone in the dark and it seems like you can hear every single sound in the night.  Maybe it was that moth that surprised you when you were younger and now every time you see one you just want to run and hide.  Think back to the first time you got a needle; you may have been a bit afraid and then every time since then you get the sweats when ever you have to go to the doctors or dentists.  Everyone has either had an experience like this or knows someone who has.  Now comes the amazing part.  JR takes you through a process of healing and positive change.  The next thing the audience sees is a person who is empowered and over comes their fears and anxiety.  The best part is, once you have seen this you will always know that you have the power to feel better and be great.


We all have infinite potential!



































Book Comedy Hypnotist JR Matthew for your next school or social event please contact JR by emailing james@jrmatthew.com.